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"Coleman helped me downsize and move from my home to a small assisted living apartment, and I can say without reservation that her services were magnificent!  Because my daughter lives out of town, we were grateful that Coleman was able to coordinate all aspects of the move.  With a friendly and helpful attitude, Coleman worked efficiently and tirelessly to help make this move
​as easy and comfortable as possible for me."

-John Mettler, resident of Bishop Gadsden Retirement Community

"Coleman and her processes are incredible.  She helped me face my clutter and clear it out by turning overwhelm into sanity step by step.  Although we began with only one closet, it morphed into a categorization process that proved so very helpful in living a more organized and clutter free life!  I FEEL so much lighter when I open the closet doors not.  I doubt I could do what she did on my own, honestly, I do not have the energy or stamina.  With her positive and can-do attitude, she got so much done in just a few short hours.  She is a blessing!

​-Peg Clarkson, PCC, CPCC, CPBS, Optimum Leadership Strategies

Coleman has helped us implement systems for maintaining order throughout our house, but I am especially grateful for how she interacted with my mother who had recently moved into our house and was reluctant to let me help organize her room and closet. With patience and sensitivity, Coleman was able to help my mother to decide which clothes she no longer needed and how to store them so they would be easy to locate. Recognizing that my mother was not comfortable standing on a stool to hang her clothes, Coleman suggested a carpenter to
​lower the clothes rod and voila, clutter problem solved!

Natalie Baker, Mt. Pleasant Resident

We made a big move from Chicago to Charleston and needed lots of help getting set up in our new home, which had much less storage space. Coleman helped me go through clothes (getting rid of lots of winter clothes!), make many Goodwill trips and organize closets, pantry, and rooms set up after we moved. She was an incredible help in getting us settled in our new home! I'm not sure what I would have done without her - she was fast, efficient, and a pleasure to work with! 

Dee Fortson, Mt. Pleasant Resident

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